Good vs Bad Art

people see other people only through the lens of utility and other people feeling useless is resulting in a loss or lack of purpose being acted out in atrocities both here and abroad, presented almost daily in our news programs and publications. That has to stop.

My cat could do that (and may actually have)

there’s quite a lot of art that gives that instant satisfaction of feeling that I know I can judge this without having to look, without having to take the trouble. “I just know because it is so obvious”, that’s comforting. Where as you see the real art makes demands”

AI commits suicide at 27. News at 11.

If we were expected to be perfect in this life, then the bible would reflect that. But the point of the bible, the point of Christianity is that we cannot be perfect, that there is not a “perfect” human, except that which can reflect love perfectly. And that is all we are expected to do, Love God, love our neighbor as ourselves.